Mortal Kombat 11 Spawn Gameplay to Debut at Final Kombat 2020

Gaming1018h ago(Edited 8h ago)

I was honestly hoping Rocksteady Studios would do a Spawn game. They already have all the mechanics down, it wouldn’t even be that much extra work to do Spawn. Meanwhile, they’re just doing another Batman game called Court of Owls, which is basically the Batman universe’s version of the Illuminati, a bunch of people who inexplicably have tons of money even though they don’t work in any industry, and somehow pull all the strings of society…. lame and stupid.

There was also speculation about them eventually doing a Superman game, which would require tons of new flying mechanics which you would need to balance with all your other powers, which sounds like a nightmare considering how overpowered you would end up feeling, making the game too easy.

Forget Superman, give us Spawn!

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