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Vokun6h ago

@ Anubis

Wow, you’re psychic all of a sudden? See you in the year 2030 when the Xbox 5 console has already launched and been on the market for ~2 years.

And who exactly are you referring to when you say “you” during your braindead rant? Whatever MS/Xbox does now or in the future has little to no effect on my PC gaming. All my current and future games will still be downloadable and playable natively on my PC 10 years from now – no streaming involved what so ever.

“Xbox was dead last in every single generation it has taken part in. Playstation ahs always been and always will be the superior console experience.”

HAHAHAH. TIL sales = the superior console experience, amirite. Meanwhile here in the real world Xbox has for the past 19 years factually been better than PlayStation at pretty much everything you as a consumer should actually care about that the two companies have in common, and Xbox just offers so much more on top of that while Sony is limping behind trying to play catch-up in some areas while in other areas they just flat out ignore due to sheer arrogance and laziness.

VR is pretty much the only area PS is ahead of Xbox, and PSVR is still terrible stone-age technology compared to PCVR.

Try and be less delusional and stupid next time, mkay.

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